Thursday, June 22, 2006

Photos from Labrador and Newfoundland

Manic 5 on the road from the StLawence to Labrador

trans labrador highway

First camp spot on the Trans Lab Highway in a ghosttown with no houses but complete with concrete medians, curbs and sidewalks.

Lab Highway in the rain btwn Churchhill and Goose

The beach in Northwest River

This photo was taken about 100km in on a logging road near Goose. I got really bored with have to wait 6.5 days in Goose for the ship "Bond"

Once on The Bond the trip was stunning. Advice to others..... don't think the Woodword Group (the private company who now runs the public coastal boat service) cares about anything but the bottom line. It's organization skills are none existant. Don't believe a word they say on the phone about avalability. It cost you a quarter whenever you need to speak to the head office, even if you are calling from the ship's passenger terminal, because they have not changed the payphones since the eighties. Point is they could care less about "service". The only good thing about the boat being replaced by the new road is that the these folks will be fired.

The trip is 13hrs and throught the night 1700-0630 so you get a great midnight twilight all night and through the narrows of Lake Melville/ Baffin Straight.

This is a deep river valley south of Red Bay, Labrabor.

I played soccer on the lovely expanse of tundra moss and lichen(sp?) of Blanc Sablon, Quebec before catching the boat across to the Rock the next morning.

This expanse of land was a tableland about 400ft above the ocean and got fabulous fog half the time. The land on top here is enormous, the size of central park NYC.... all spongy and soft. You sink into it 5-6 inches with every step.